Introducing our Governors

Introducing the school’s Governing Body…..Our job is to help set the strategic direction for the school, to support and challenge the headteacher on educational performance and to ensure the school’s finances are well managed. Governors are either appointed by the local authority, elected by parents, or co-opted to bring in specific areas of experience to the team. We work together as a team to act in the best interests of the pupils, making decisions in alignment with the school’s core Christian values of respect, trust, compassion and perseverance.

 Chair of Governors

I’m Jim Brown, I moved into the village with my young family in August 2002. Both my daughters enjoyed several years at our school before moving on. How time flies! I first became involved with the school when I was appointed as a Governor by the Local Authority after my girls had left. I was elected as Chair of Governors in September 2015, a position I take very seriously. The Governors and staff are extremely motivated and strive at all times not only to maintain the high standards that have been achieved over the years but also to push on and raise the bar wherever possible to give the children the best possible start to their educational journey.

 Yes, there are challenges, particularly in recent years where we have been tasked with raising standards against a background of diminishing financial resources, but challenges are there to be beaten, and one of my objectives is to lead the task of improving the built environment to accommodate our increasing role and to future-proof the school for following generations. We are looking to do this sooner rather than later.


Hello, I`m Michael Lynch.  I`ve been a governor at Dishforth for around 12 years now. I initially joined the Governing body as a “Community Governor”, providing a link between the school and the village.  We have lived in the village since 2002.  I was subsequently elected as Chair of Governors, stepping down after seven years as family and work commitments increased.  I remain an active member of Dishforth Governors, having been co-opted to serve as the Safeguarding Governor.  In this capacity, I regularly review all aspects of safeguarding, from school site security to behaviour.  I visit the school to speak to staff and children about keeping safe within the school environment.  I have spent the last 29 years of my working life as a Police Officer with North Yorkshire Police, but am far better known in the playground as Edward, Henry and William`s daddy.  


 I’m Justin Mumby, newly-appointed Governor and although I have only lived in Dishforth for the past two years I have lived and worked in and around the Boroughbridge area for over eighteen years. The majority of my working life has been spent within the agricultural industry, working and growing up on a farm, for machinery manufacturers world-wide and recently within local supporting suppliers. An eleven year period outside of the agricultural industry with small to medium businesses evolved my role into that of business development. I am currently back in the agricultural world working for Russells Agricultural Group looking after the development of two of their main branches; Boroughbridge & Northallerton. I have two children and although now both at High School I am very pleased to have been appointed a Governor at Dishforth Primary School. I have a BA(Homs) in both Business Studies and Economics and although my experience of Governorship is in its early stages I am looking forward to the children, parents, staff and my fellow Governors putting to use my skills or experience where ever they feel that I will make the best contribution.

A certain priority for me as Governor this year will be to quickly gain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully fulfil the role, get to know the school, the children and all of the people involved. It also goes without saying that I offer full commitment toward any projects that the school feels I have the current skills or experience to contribute towards.


 My name is Ros Burrell and I have recently been elected as a parent governor at Dishforth Church of England Primary School. I have two daughters who both attend the school. My reasons for wanting to become a school governor are to develop a better understanding of how a school operates and hopefully help to improve any areas going forward.

 You’ll see some of us in the playground at the start or end of the school day, or you can contact us via the school office. Please do get in touch if you have ideas or issues that we can help with